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Mold testing

Airborne Allergen & Mold Testing

Roach allergens Henderson, KY
dust mite allergen Henderson, KY

Allergens and Beta Glucan Mold Panel

Device run-time: 72 Hours      Lab Turnaround Time: 5 Days

We have the only lab in the country offering this specific airborne mold test.

 This test panel will detect 3 different pollens: Ragweed pollenTimothy Grass Pollen & Birch Pollen

This panel will also detect the following allergens: mouse allergensdust mite allergensroach allergens, cat allergens and dog allergens,

This panel will also detect the following mold: the invisible active growing mold known as beta glucan

It’s important to note that allergic reactions can vary in severity among individuals, and proper management and avoidance strategies should be discussed with a healthcare professional for those affected by these allergens.