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Athletic Facility Air Purification & Surface Sanitizing

Locker room Sanitizing Evansville, IN

SAFETOUCH 360° Coating Services

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Covid tested Evansville, IN

Proprietary photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology Active Radiant Catalysis(ARC®) uses energy to activate a catalyst, turning moisture into products that continuously clean your space.

Activated oxygen attaches itself to contaminants at the molecular level, destroying them. This process eliminates the contaminant while reverting the activated oxygen back to oxygen.

Creating a plasma of electrical charges, ionization removes allergens and other harmful pathogens from the breathing space, either by pushing them away or causing them to clump together and fall to the floor.

Kill the virus that causes COVID-19 Evansville IN * Louisville KY * Lexington KY * United States