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Take the guesswork out of Your Patients CIRS Symptoms 

IAQ Testing for sick patients

SAFETOUCH utilizing AirAnswers® is an innovative air monitoring system that provides you with the ability to identify the presence of airborne beta glucan, mycotoxins, allergens, and molds in your patient’s indoor environment. 

Partnering with SAFETOUCH in your practice, gives you access to a comprehensive overview of your patients’ unique air profile, allowing you to provide personalized care that is tailored to their specific health needs and environmental exposure.

Get the Answers you’re looking.

Partner with SAFETOUCH & AirAnswers® 

How Teaming Up With SAFETOUCH Utilizing AirAnswers® Testing Can Help Your Patients

AirAnswers® can test for a variety of airborne mycotoxins, allergens and molds that can impact your patients health. Our unique ability to detect the beta glucans that cause inflammation and lead to serious illnesses like CIRS gives you valuable insight into your patients health issues.

Conducting AirAnswers® air monitoring in your patients’ environment gives you access to key information on their individual exposure, allowing you to tailor your treatment plans and any necessary remediation efforts to address the specific issues identified. SAFETOUCH will provide your patient with on-site equipment set-up, retrieval and send test cartridge to Lab.

Featuring the Comprehensive Airborne Allergen & Mold Assessment

Individual Airborne tests to choose from

Beta Glucan – Mold Genera – Mycotoxins – Total Mold – Allergen & Mold

Opportunistic Fungal Pathogen

The Process In Three Easy Steps

AirAnswers IAQ Testing Device
AirAnswers IAQ Testing
AirAnswers IAQ Testing Results


Your office or patient simply contacts SAFETOUCH to schedule an appointment. We will take care of setting the appointment, Equipment setup and process testing payment. 


Once air sampling is complete, a technician will return to retrieve the testing equipment. We will then send the cartridge in for testing into our laboratory for analysis.


We’ll send you and your patient a copy of the comprehensive data report for discussion at their next appointment.

What Industry Experts Are Saying About AirAnswers® 

Advances in detection with AirAnswers


Argonne Labs
John Hopkins
University of Chicago

Partner with SAFETOUCH & AirAnswers®